Architects & Planners

We are currently working with a number of architects and designers to develop the Spiralite option as it allows them greater freedom and flexibility in their design – both in shape and size of the ductwork as well as the finish when the ductwork is open-to-view.

Spiralite can change designers’ perception of ductwork, both in terms of form and function:

  • Lightweight (about 85% lighter than the steel equivalent), significantly reducing building loads
  • Takes up minimum space – giving greater overall design flexibility
  • Enhanced aesthetics, both internally when open-to-view and particularly when an external VentureClad laminate is applied
  • Flexible fabrication and installation (Spiralite can come in virtually any shape or size), giving greater design freedom than would be the case with steel ducting

We are able to supply the ducting with a range of coloured laminates with a robust finish that is superior in many ways to anything else available in the market (painting, coating, metal cladding, etc.) and at a lower cost. We are also the only company in the UK who have the capacity to manufacture ductwork with an external laminate to any RAL colour.

Maximum benefit can be gained by specifically designing Spiralite into building designs at an early stage. Specifically, you can significantly save space and energy, and ultimately deliver a design solution that is certified to perform brilliantly and tick every sustainability criteria you need to meet.

Spiralite ductwork saves energy, cuts costs and reduces environmental impact.

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