Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability and corporate responsibility go hand in hand. From our perspective, it’s about making a positive difference to society and our planet by building a responsible and sustainable business that works successfully with other like minded organisations by setting professional standards, qualifying our experiences and recognising progress and achievements. We look at the whole lifecycle of our products and processes to ensure we contribute effectively.

Staff Training and Development

To ensure the highest possible skills levels and staff satisfaction and fulfilment in the tasks that they are undertaking for the company. This includes the project specific optimal use of local labour (and local purchasing, where possible) and the employment and training of apprentices as part of the project development process.

Offsite manufacture, deliveries and site logistics

Spiralite, as pre-insulated ductwork, maximises the opportunity for offsite manufacture and this can be further improved by the connection and joining of ductwork sections in the factory prior to delivery. Due to the lightweight nature of the products and the ability to deliver in a flat packed format, deliveries can the reduced by up to 85%, generating cost and carbon savings. Finally, many site logistic efficiencies are generated due to, inter alia, the speed and ease of installation, the many health & safety benefits and the lightness of the ductwork.

Waste Management

We ensure that waste is minimised at several levels, including:

  • The ordering process
  • The production process
  • Deliveries
  • Site installations
  • Product returns
  • Aftercare

All Spiralite waste from both the fabrication and installation processes are recyclable, resulting in close to zero waste.

Carbon Footprint, sustainability & energy efficiency

Environmental awareness is a critical issue and, as detailed elsewhere in this presentation, the numerous innovations introduced by the company all play a part in optimising this process. The use of Spiralite and the installation reduces the overall carbon impact of the project, optimises sustainability and generates meaningful energy savings.

Community Engagement

The company is part of many communities and believes in playing a role in all of them, including:

  • Participation in and supporting local community activities and initiatives
  • Being an active part of TICA, the national Thermal Insulation Contractors Association, and supporting its initiatives
  • Participating in and supporting staff where they are involved in charitable activities

All Spiralite waste from both the fabrication and installation processes are recyclable, resulting in close to zero waste.