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The built environment has changed because our environment has changed. We have to build suitable structures for the future, reduce our carbon footprint and use both new technology and new ideas to use energy more thoughtfully. It makes sense ecologically and financially.

Modern buildings need to be more energy efficient and drastically reduce CO2 emissions. The pressure is on as more exacting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements, increased energy costs (expected to increase 80% in the next five years) and specific legislation requiring increased sustainability come in. Brent Civic Centre for example, has been designed with this in mind and we are now working closely with the UK Green Building Council to improve the quality of working environments for all commercial buildings.

Spiralite allows for, amongst other things, optimal energy efficiency and sustainability, with the associated cost savings and other benefits regarding BREEAM, Energy Performance Certificates and similar requirements; in short, making sure that the building is future-proof.

The ductwork offers a number of advantages over traditional metal ducts plus insulation:

  • optimal airflow and thermal performance
  • a quick one-fit installation and other delivery, Health & Safety and site advantages (it is up to 86% lighter than the GSS alternative)
  • robustness and longevity
  • cost effective Value Engineering option with a significantly reduced carbon footprint, allowing for maximum BREEAM credits
  • energy savings on the operation of the HVAC system of up to 48%
  • high sustainability with excellent environmental credentials (BREEAM credits optimised, zero ODP, CFC/HCFC free, etc.), thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint of any building

As a commercial property developer, owner or investor, it is also worth considering Spiralite for refurbishment and retrofit projects. F and G energy performance certificate (EPC) rated buildings will be legally un-lettable from 2018 – estimated to be in excess of 350,000 properties in the UK alone. Maximum cost benefit can initially be gained by specifically designing Spiralite into buildings at an early stage. You can significantly save space and energy, and ultimately deliver a design solution that is certified to perform brilliantly and meet your investors needs both now and in the future.

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