Key Values

If we are going to contribute effectively to a sustainable built environment, we have to make a number of commitments to the way in which we work with everyone involved in the future of our business.


A commitment to quality in everything that we do, no matter the products, project sizes or nature and identity of the client. We are setting new benchmarks for the design, research, manufacture, installation and performance of ductwork so quality must be at the heart of our operations.

Health & Safety

A commitment to providing a safe environment and work space for all employees, no matter their status or location, and to ensuring that all employees are able to perform free from danger or injury; a commitment to our clients to operate in a safe, organised and controlled manner so that all projects are completed without delay, damage or injury.


A commitment to protecting and, where possible, improving the environment, including product and material choice, working practices, waste generation and processing, delivery efficiency, etc.


A commitment to developing improved products, services and methods of delivery and installation, with reference to several key factors, including:

  • Carbon reduction
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Greater use of sustainable materials; less use of diminishing resources
  • Delivery time and costs
  • Wastage on site
  • Ease, flexibility and speed of installation

Client engagement

The company believes that early and full engagement is critical to a successful, long term and mutually beneficial relationship and this includes the process of contract negotiation, the use of contract documentation, full and unambiguous details of responsibilities and expectations of the parties, clear and precise timelines, through to the project completion and sign-off process.

Client engagement is also developed through the various CPDs and training courses that we offer, including:

  • The Spiralite CPD on new innovations in ductwork
  • Spiralite installer training and certification


A commitment to maintaining the relationship with all clients after the completion of any project to ensure that the products are performing as anticipated and represented and the value of the services are being properly and fully realised. This secures the sustainable and long term relationships between the company and its clients.

Spiralite is the only ductwork product to qualify for BREEAM points in three award areas – embodied energy, responsible sourcing and innovation.