Main Contractors

The use of Spiralite generates significant advantages for the main contractor in any construction project as it’s quicker and easier to install and site logistics are significantly simplified, which is always good news.

Spiralite ductwork significantly benefits main contractors for a number of reasons:

  • Lower cost of the mechanical package
  • Significantly simplifies site management and logistics:
    • Removes one trade (the laggers) entirely from the site
    • Results in substantial Health & Safety benefits (no sharp edges, no heavy cutting or lifting equipment required, easier and quicker to install, no toxicity or hazardous materials of any sort, etc.)
    • Easier, lighter and faster to transport to site, and to get to the install area
    • Allows most changes and alterations to be done on site
  • Spiralite can de-skill the site and allows most fabrication to be done off-site, significantly lowering site risk
  • Far less time is spent on-site by mechanical installers, which saves overall project time
  • Results in virtually zero waste on-site and any waste can be fully recycled
  • Very robust compared to other pre-insulated ducting products, and less susceptible to damage on-site
  • Cuts the carbon footprint of the development and results in lower energy use on the subsequent operation of the HVAC system

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