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Spiralite delivers against all the key variables including capital and running costs, space efficiency and ongoing maintenance. All of these factors can be assessed on the basis of whole-of-life costs to eliminate risk.

Spiralite provides a cost effective Value Engineering option, as a high quality, robust alternative to the more traditional Galvanised Steel Sheet duct plus lagging. It generates greater thermal airflow and energy efficiency with lower pressure drops, whilst delivering significant weight savings, easier handling and hanging (it is about 80% lighter than GSS ductwork plus lagging).

Spiralite enables significant whole-of-life cost savings:

  • Capital cost savings due to a clear reduction in Air Handling Unit capacity arising from enhanced airflow and thermal properties when Spiralite is included in the design phase.
  • Installed cost savings over steel duct and lagging:
    • Energy – Spiralite pre-insulated ductwork shows savings of between 4% and 46%
    • Materials – change of ductwork shape (square to circular and rectangular to flat oval) shows savings of between 9% and 20%
    • Design – change of shape and reduction in pressure drops shows savings of between 10% and 22%
  • Delivery and site cost savings, including:
    • Quicker and easier delivery in flat packed format reduces transport costs by up to 85%
    • Manual handling savings – craning and lifting
    • Quick and easy defect rectification
    • Health & Safety savings
    • Simpler logistics and project management – only one fit, quicker and easier installation
    • Virtually zero waste
  • Ongoing savings during the operation of the HVAC system:
    • Lower energy costs (up to 48% saved)
    • Lower cleaning costs
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Easy, quick and flexible changes/adaptations
    • Quicker and easier repair
  • Environmental benefits and savings – embodied energy, recycled content and recycling waste

Maximum cost benefit can be gained by specifically designing Spiralite into buildings at an early stage. You can significantly save space and energy, and ultimately deliver a design solution that is certified to perform brilliantly and meet your clients needs both now and in the future.

Spiralite ductwork saves energy, cuts costs and reduces environmental impact.

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