Product Compliance

Product Compliance

Spiralite Ductwork and the installation process is compliant with all relevant standards, guidance and regulations, including DW144. The Spiralite ductwork system is able to meet (and comfortably exceed) the air leakage requirements and pressure classifications that are referenced in DW144 (Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork), BS EN 1507 and BS EN13403 when following the principles of the product specification manuals and the fabrication guidelines.

DW143 is a Practical Guide to Ductwork Leakage Testing (based on DW144 – Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork) and all the testing requirements can easily be satisfied when applied to our pre-insulated ductwork.

Airtight and pressure resistant

Spiralite is rated as Class C at 2,500 pa, significantly more airtight and pressure resistant than GSS ductwork (the same leakage rate at 2,500pa as GSS ductwork had at 500pa), and in the tests did not leak at 7,667 Pa.

Fire and smoke performance

Kingspan KoolDuct, from which Spiralite is fabricated, is Class 0 and Euroclass B S1 D0 – being Main Class B and Smoke Class 1 (the best of 1 to 3) and Flaming Droplets class 0 (the best of 0 to 2). It is also the only phenolic insulation panel to have a UL listing, which requires the highest standards of fire and smoke performance.

Carbon saving, energy efficiency and environmental attributes

Spiralite has optimal sustainability and environmental credentials :

  • CFC/HCFC and HFC free
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), Low Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • Full BREEAM/LEED/Green Star/Estidama credits; only ductwork to qualify
  • for BREEAM credits in 3 award areas, including innovation
  • Optimal use of recycled raw materials in production process; re-usable and recyclable
  • Close to zero wastage on site
  • Very low carbon footprint – a fraction of the 1,330kg’s for steel insulated