Temporary or portable structures

Temporary or portable structures

Spiralite ductwork is very well suited for use in a system that requires dismantling and reconfiguration, in whole or in part, such as temporary sports arenas and display areas such as the Chanel Pavilion, as shown in the photographs.

In summary, Spiralite has:

  • A simple yet effective and robust jointing system suitable for easy dismantling and re-installation
  • Robust fabrication allows multiple assembly, dismantling and transporting
  • Many other advantages such as much lower weight, significantly reduced H&S requirements, easier to work with – no sharp edges, easy to cut and adjust, easy to carry and lift, simple one step installation as opposed to two with conventional metal ducting plus lagging, etc.
  • Enhanced performance qualities such as air-tightness, pressure resistance, air leakage, pressure drops and energy efficiency – all of which allow for optimal air distribution in an HVAC system.

The Chanel Art Pavilion that has been assembled and taken down for shipment 7 times without the ductwork needing to be replaced.

Spiralite has a robust fabrication allows multiple assembly, dismantling and transporting…