Value Engineering Opportunities

Value Engineering Opportunities

Spiralite pre-insulated non-metal ductwork offers a number of Value Engineering (VE) options that should all be cost and time effective, while delivering a robust, long-lasting and both thermally and energy efficient product.

The use of Spiralite should not derogate from the compliant design in that:

  • It is DW144/3 compliant
  • It is BS EN 13403 compliant
  • The ductwork dimensions remain the same or are similar
  • All GSS duct sections are duplicated in Spiralite
  • All in-line plant items used with GSS systems are used in a pre-insulated system
  • It generates greater thermal, airflow and energy efficiency with lower pressure drops
  • There is complete design flexibility in terms of dimensions, shapes, lengths and finishes

Furthermore, Spiralite is:

  • Significantly quicker and easier to install
  • Allows space savings in narrow ceiling voids, etc
  • Allows weight savings and easier hanging (it is about 80% lighter than GSS ductwork plus lagging)
  • More acoustically efficient
  • Very robust, and particularly where an additional VentureClad laminate is applied
  • Does not require special treatment for installation in moist or chemically hostile atmospheres
  • Easier to fabricate, and particularly the more complex sections such as twin bends
  • Lighter and easier to hang and connect

As a result, the following VE options could be considered:

  • Less ductwork where there are complex systems
  • Smaller ductwork diameters in narrow confines
  • Reduced capacity, weight and sizes of air handling equipment
  • Less expensive weatherproofed external ductwork
  • Less expensive protected ductwork in plant rooms, risers, etc
  • Easier configurations in areas that have unusual shapes or restricted access
  • Less mechanical attenuation in acoustically sensitive areas
  • Use of aesthetically and air flow efficiency enhanced twin bends, etc instead of tee pieces, etc
  • Use of time and cost efficient wire hangers where suitable
  • More effective FCU plenums and discharge ducting incorporating built-in VCDs
  • Use in moist or chemically hostile areas as an alternative to very expensive stainless steel or zinc/epoxy coated ductwork
  • Aesthetically enhanced finishes in open-to-view environments.

Detailed VE design enhancements, and the implications thereof, can be developed during the pre-construction phase of the project.

Spiralite pre-insulated non-metal ductwork offers a number of Value Engineering (VE) options that should all be cost and time effective…